The only thing you should be doing behind someone else’s back is making dua for them.

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If you ever feel like you bout to crush on someone slap yourself twice read ayatul qursi on yourself and walk as far away from that person as you can

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"Those who are not married, wanted to get married but due to some reason are not getting married, they have to stop themselve from haram like zina. Now a days it’s really easy to do but remember you have to control your desires to please your Creator, it’s also a trial and Allah is testing your patience. By controlling your desire it will make you frustrated but remember by being patient you will please Allah. May Allah give every brother and sister in faith a pious, loving and caring spouse. Ameen"


I fell in love with Allah when I realized He was the only one who caught me when I fell, rescued me when I was in distress, and watched over me as I slept every night.

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